6 Actionable Recruitment Trends (2021) You Need To Know

11th March 2020, WHO declared pandemic.

No one knew what this pandemic had on its plate. From handshake to life everyone started looking for alternative ways.

Our work and life changed. Recruiting trends in 2021 also changed. Some started losing their life and others their jobs.

According to a survey, 50% of respondents expected an increase in technology investments among staffing and recruitment firms.


As social distancing, sanitizers, and masks become the new normal to sustain in this corona phase. Some new formulas were introduced in schools or companies offering online classes and work from home (WFH).

Some companies increased their workforce in healthcare, pharmacies, mortar retailers, whereas some decreased their workforce as travel, restaurant and hospitality.

These changes in industries introduced some new trends in covid 19. Some of them are,

  1. Internal recruitment will still be in
  2. Importance of soft skills rather than qualification
  3. Automated resume screening and processing
  4. One way or Two-way interview
  5. Gamification
  6. Work from home (WFH)

Now let’s discuss each topic

Internal recruitment will still be in

Internal recruitment is a process where companies fill the position with their existing employees that are suited for the role. Internal recruitment works as a reward for the existing employees.


Saves a lot of time and money

Helps in employee retention and motivation

Importance of soft skills rather than qualification

With the increase in demand for talented people, the companies are now welcoming people who do not have high qualifications but have skills that are required. Skills like critical thinking, leadership, teamwork are more in demand. Many companies like Google, IBM now understands that the talent should not be rejected based on qualification.



Purpose –

More opportunities for talent

Automated resume screening and processing

From resume screening to processing and even email sending, many recruitment processes have been automated. This helps people to connect with the right industries using keywords, facial expressions, etc.


To speed up the hiring process

Cost-effective and time-saving

One way or Two-way interview

Everyone is following social distancing in this pandemic, where no one is traveling but the demand for talents is still there. To keep up with this the companies have started focusing more on video interviews. This interview can be one-way (the candidate will record their answers in video form and send it to employer) or two way (candidate and employer)



To decrease the commuting time


This is generally done at the initial stage of recruitment, where candidates have to solve puzzles or problems virtually. Unlike interviews, the answers can not be pre-planned which helps the recruiter to know more about the candidate.


To know the skills of the candidates

To check the quick decision-making skills

Work from home (WFH)

While some companies are preparing themselves for both physical offices and WFH. Many companies have shifted all their work to home. This has shown a 20% increase in geographical diversity.



More work-life balance

Ability to work with great talent




With the changes in companies’ demand for workforce, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural language processing (NLP) has also increased to speed up the hiring process.

To keep up with these recruiting trends, companies and recruiters can start working on their branding, employee satisfaction.

Whereas, job seekers can start learning new skills and brushing up their talent.

Now, I would like to hear from you.

Which of these trends have you come across?

OR maybe I have missed the one?

Let me know in the comment section

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