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Our Story

Each organization is unique. They have various cultures – various hues. Our core team is all about keeping intact the culture of our work which is all about integrity and honesty. Perfect People Search provides the best recruitment solutions for your business. Our RPO organization's world-class recruitment procedure gets you, top-quality candidates, quick, so you can concentrate on what you excel at.

We've been making extraordinary work for the past few years, concentrating on what matters most: PEOPLE. Perfect People Search is hyper-focused around the organization culture, discovering the right culture fits for your organization to reduce turnover and increase profitability. We are also one of the most driven work forces worldwide. Let us have the opportunity to work wonders for you!

Our Mission

With our advanced and quality offshore RPO solutions, our mission is to provide every organization with the best of recruitment processes/services.

Perfect People Search is one of the fastest growing Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions provider based out of India. We offer offshore recruiting and sourcing services.

Our main goal is to provide recruitment organizations quality offshore RPO solutions with the help of experienced recruiting professionals from India. Through unmistakable business acumen, we become partners in accomplishing cost-saving investments, process improvement, and allow much more time for your core business activities – generating revenues.


Rakesh Ghumatkar


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