Cold Email Tips for Job-Seekers

Regardless of the gray area of a cold email’s effectiveness, it is still probably the most useful ways to get the job you want.

Similar to most job advice, the key to the cold e-mail is to own it like you have been doing it your whole life.

You need confidence in your tone, even when you have failed before in the life. 

Always research the company where you are interviewing. 

The same applies when sending a cold e-mail, so be sure you know the recipient’s job title, what she does in her position and a little bit about her background.

In case you have something in common, highlight that common connection.

Crazy how many individuals miss the power of a killer subject line in cold emails.

If you are cold emailing someone, it is likely that individual is busy and receives numerous emails per day, including other cold emails.

That is why a short, snappy and informative subject line is essential than ever before.

If you have met the person briefly at a conference or career fair, include that info in the subject line. Other identifiers can also work in various circumstances, like if you are a student at the person’s alma mater.

A cold e-mail is the first impression, like the first few minutes of a job interview. A cold e-mail that is, well, cold won’t do you any good.

If you feel strong on the field you work in, do not hesitate to show that you are enthusiastic about it. 

If you are a fan of your future employer, tell them that. Showing your enthusiasm for your work is a good way to express your character without coming on too strong.

Ensure that it stays short and direct – do not explain yourself too much. The reason you are emailing should be apparent in the initial paragraph, whether you are interviewing for a position or just start a formal relationship.

As a rule, a cold e-mail should not be more than a few paragraphs, and those paragraphs should be short.

Here is a good resource on How to Write Cold Emails that Convert for your reference.

You are more prone to get a response from a cold e-mail if the recipient knows you are serious about pursuing your career of choice, and the best way to express that’s to show your work. These are great things to include in your signature email.

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