Friendly Boss- A Mandatory for Productive Workplace

Bosses are of all type, some are strict, fun and Michael Scott. We can’t really transform how and what type of persona a person exhibits, in terms of Boss most of them don’t even necessarily care what most of us think about their personality.

For me when I started my career, I didn’t even care about what type of workplace would be present but I strived for a mentor.

Bosses as a mentor are great for your office and personal life but looking and spotting a friend in them is important for a productive and happy workplace. Now you must be wondering that friendliness is easily integrated into everyone and now and then a Boss could be friendly but more authority and work is only extracted from a strict Boss.

I strongly dissent with the above state because an employee doesn’t really ask for a fun joker or a drinking buddy at all but a sympathetic and understanding Boss who understands and keeps a check in case you undergo any health or family emergency.

Employees to understand a workplace environment but most of them undergo several types of circumstances and changes in their life which sometimes makes life a little tough.

Since they spend 8 to 9 hours in an enclosed place and share the workplace, it is sometimes necessary to be a friend that doesn’t really have a conversation regarding work but also how a certain employee is feeling in times of extra work pressure or upcoming projects.

Communication is a great key for a better lifestyle but a fun conversation leads to creative and innovative solutions and ideas. These small acts of kindness life up the morale of your employees and make them more loved, they won’t just think that they work for a pay check but in a family who can forgive and cut some slack. 

A great amount of productivity is generally gained by people who work with a balance of mind and brain, they put immense efforts in their work that they love when they meet someone who little bit understands them then the dream is shared among the employees, and the business is no longer your goal but also your employees working.

Productivity is of different types, some are creatively executed by your employees that make it a great work altogether while the other is extensive long hours work that isn’t that impressive but it’s arranged.

It’s pretty clear that what kind of work you deserve from your employees hence don’t forget to lend a shoulder as a friend to open up and make someone’s life a little better.

This world becomes more beautiful with small gestures of kindness.

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