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Perfect People Search comes to your aid to offer the right candidate match to fit the job role.

Why to Hire DevOps Professionals?

For better stability, long-term growth, lower expense, better customer experience, improvement in customer loyalty, improvement in sales, higher customer retention, and an increase in ROI, hiring DevOps professionals for an organization is a must.

Major challenge for companies

To match the right candidate for the job role and also to get the talent to join the organization in a short notice period

Make Use of our Global Recruitment Expertise

Seamless Hiring Experience

Perfect People Search comes to your aid to offer the right candidate match to fit the job role. We work with universities and talented candidates regularly.

Our Database of DevOps

Our database of DevOps professionals is updated in real-time as soon as we interview the candidate.

Strong Relationship

Our wide network has allowed us to build a strong relationship with clients, be it corporates or SMEs.

Our Recruitment Expertise

Our recruitment expertise is of a global standard which provides the right talent of DevOps engineers to meet your company requirements.

Our Exceptional Track Record

We have served domestic as well as international clients in the past and our exceptional track record and the recommendations from our clients speak volumes about the level of service that we offer.

Being Up-to-date

Being up-to-date with the constantly changing market trends and the latest developments in the industry lets us find the relevant talent and skill to fill up the vacancy in your organization.

We are Specialists in DevOps Recruitment

Hiring the top talent globally needs a well-designed talent acquisition solution and we offer to our clients just that.

Hiring us for your recruitment process lets you take the benefits of scalability and speed and make use of our recruitment technology that is specific to your industry.

Meet all your staffing requirements through our innovative solutions that are unmatched in this industry.

We hunt for the best talent for you and balance the equation to match the talent to the organizational demands.

Skills that We Screen the Candidates for

There are some critical skill sets that we look for in the DevOps professionals that we interview to place them in various job roles.

Skill #1

QA lets one control and plans the process of development. It prevents any major issues during the running of the project. A DevOps professional should be able to make the analysis, understand what impacts and where it will affect as per the scenario.


Skill #2

The professional should be able to understand the behavior and how the software works. This lets him install the software and also manage any problems. Knowing many programming languages gives the candidate an added advantage. It helps in supporting or automating the routine tasks.


Skill #3

Knowing how to develop robust and large applications and being able to write codes of high quality is also something that we look for in our DevOps professionals. The candidate should understand the tools and frameworks. He should know how to overcome any obstacle in the most efficient manner.


Skill #4

Knowledge of the software development lifecycle is non-negotiable. Understanding its varied models, the difference between the models and its pros and cons is also something that we keenly monitor in the candidates that we interview.


Skill #5

The candidate should also have the required technical expertise and the awareness to architect an infrastructure that is DevOps friendly.


Skill #6

Soft skills are something that DevOps professionals should have, be it for a technical role or a management profile. And we scrutinize this well.


Skill #7

Lastly, being aware of the new introductions in the industry is something that we monitor our candidates for. Trends like machine learning and artificial intelligence are something that we want our candidates to know about because this will have a huge impact on DevOps in the years to come.


After screening each candidate we update our database with the relevant information to ensure that we can address the requirements based on our clients’ needs immediately.

Reach Out to Perfect People Search

Perfect People Search is one of the fastest-growing companies that gives you access to a real-time database of more than 5000 DevOps professionals who can join immediately.

We have several freelancers’ details in our portal that has the skill set to work on any short term projects. Our thorough screening methodologies ensure that we only offer the best talent to you.

DevOps Professionals

We aim to achieve high levels of client satisfaction and our past work clearly shows our expertise at tackling even the most complex recruitment challenges.

With our business outcomes and positive attitude, we leave no stone unturned to win the confidence and trust of our clients.

Recruiting is not easy but hiring the right candidate is vital to our clients’ business growth and we understand this.

What makes us position ourselves right to ensure the success of your companies recruitment process?

Our wide global network coverage, large database of DevOps professionals with varied skill sets for various job roles and joining a period of fewer than 30 days, and complete focus on matching the candidate’s and client's requirements.

Hire DevOps Professionals in less than 30 days!

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