How Recruitment Conversation AI Bots help you to build a talent community right from your website?

Attracting talent is always a challenge irrespective of the size of the company.

The current recruitment process makes it difficult for candidates to talk to recruiters.

The application process via company or job sites is slow, and the candidates do not get a response.

It makes them disappointed and even angry. Not able to talk to the right person and the painful waiting period is the biggest complaint of job applicants.

On the other side, recruiters find it overwhelming to respond to all the candidates.

They find it difficult to give individual attention to each job-seeker which is negative for the brand image of the company.

In addition to it, recruiters find it a tedious task to update and contact candidates accumulated in the database due to email spamming issues, and the time required to craft emails and send for a new job. You end up missing the great candidate in your database and go out to find an entirely new candidate.

Candidates do not show interest later stage in the company if they have negative recruitment experience during the first interaction with the brand.

‘Job Genius’: Hire at a lightning speed

Revolutionary option to save thousands of dollars as recruitment fees, and still hire at lightning speed when you want.

Job-genius is an intelligent recruitment bot that welcomes the candidates to your company home-page, career-page, and Facebook page, shows them the available jobs which match with their profiles, asks them about their career goals, hand-holds them during the application process, and keeps in touch with them even after they leave your company page.

What is special about ‘Job Genius’ recruitment bot?

  • It can update the candidates about their application status and close communication on a positive note.
  • Job Genius can reconnect with candidates to check on them, have a word about their career and even, wish them on birthdays, show some care and ask them if they are doing good in the career, how is life!
  • As a brand-building exercise, the application has the feature of sharing news updates and articles with them.
  • As a matter of fact, Job-genius can do this with thousands of candidates at the same time. No human recruiter can do this in 24 X 7 and still not feel tired.
  • You never miss any candidates stored in your database for the last many years, and refreshing the database is a breeze because a bot can talk to thousands of candidates and ask them to update the profile at the same time. You would need many recruiters to do this and will cost a lot.


What chatbot costs on a monthly basis?

Thousands of bot interactions are charged at a very low rate, just a few cents. You have better control over your own database.

Two Different Scenarios

  • Current Recruitment Method:

Having a database of 10 thousand candidates, but cannot contact them because they are not always opt-in databases. You can not send thousands of emails, so you do not get value out of your own database. How frustrating?

  • Bring ‘Job-genius’ AI Chat-bot on your website

Candidates when talking to the bot on your website/Facebook page are automatically opted in and further two-way communication is instant and not considered spamming. Chat-bot interaction is always better than staid email communication.

For instance, if you have a chat-bot that having 10 thousand candidates subscribed, job-alert will be sent to all of them in a minute. Since the chatbot sends emails to only relevant candidates, the problem of screening and rejection of unnecessary applications reduces to a great extent.

Would you not like to use this intelligent recruitment bot?

P.S. You need to make efforts to build the community that pays handsomely in the long-term.

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