Never Fudge Your Resumé

Have you ever had this happen to you? 

You came across a job posting, one you think you would love.

Your education, work experience, even your volunteer work is right for the job. 

But there is only one little problem: you don’t exactly meet all the requirements the employer seeks. 

It’s a small problem, you’d tell yourself, and you’d think; It would be so much easier if the little problem could just go away.

So, you embellish your resumé a bit, adding in some details the job requires that you don’t have.

Well, you are not alone. 

We’ve all been tempted to embellish our resumes to land a job at a point in our lives. 

It is easy to quickly come up with a list of excuses for why we had to do what we did. After all, other job seekers do it. 

One of the best lessons in life we can learn is never to do what others are doing without thinking about it first. 

In reality, embellishing your resume not only hurts your employer, but it also hurts you too.

Facts are just… Facts. 

Although you may think it is harmless to include a certification you never had to your resume or stretch the truth about your previous job duties, the bottom line is that these facts can be vetted.

Many employers request for documented proof of degrees and certifications earned, and they are also likely to inquire with your past employers to confirm your work experience. 

A simple online search can also show that you’ve stretched the truth a little bit and that’s all it takes for your potential employers to lose faith in you. 

Remaining honest even when no one is looking could be the only thing that would land you your dream job. 


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