Why responding to Linkedin inMails is a good etiquette and favour?

Linkedin inMails helps people to communicate with the new customers or candidates without a connection.

Linkedin inMail is a paid option, and it is not a cheap option even in USD. 

People do not use inMail without reason or randomly because of the cost.

Entrepreneurs are able to make big deals due to inMails.

You should always respond to the inMails with 3 ‘ready-made’ options so the person can get the credit of additional inMail back to approach another person if you are not interested in the service, product or you have no open jobs. 

The additional credit inMail may help the person to approach the other decision-maker to win the crucial deal or break in the career.

It does not take even 5 seconds to click- ‘Interested/Maybe later/Not Interested’

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